Butterflies in My Stomach

Teresa Pocock: Butterflies in My Stomach

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Butterflies in My Stomach: The true story of a woman with Down syndrome who overcomes discrimination, and her own fears, to blossom into an artist.

“Butterflies in My Stomach” is Teresa Pocock’s StoryHive project. It’s a pitch to produce a 10 minute video which tells Teresa’s story about overcoming discrimination, disablity — and her own fears — to blossom as an artist in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Voting starts on April 3, 2018 and ends on April 6th. You can vote every day, so please do! Every vote counts. And you will be helping Teresa win support from StoryHive so that she can tell her story.

Here is Teresa’s 60-second StoryHive pitch:

Butterflies in My Stomach: Synopsis
This is the true story of Teresa Pocock, a woman with Down syndrome who has overcome discrimination and her own fears, to blossom into an award-winning artist and author. Four years ago, at age 49, Teresa was written off as “incapable” and was forced into a old-age nursing home in Ontario. Teresa did not want to live there. Her father and a sister rescued her, and Teresa moved across the country to B.C. to start a new life. “Butterflies in My Stomach” will tell her remarkable journey: How 26,000 people on Change.org, as well as civil rights organizations, and the media, helped Teresa get an apology from the government. And how Teresa’s new community in Vancouver, helped her to have confidence and emerge as a professional artist and a self-advocate.

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