About Teresa Pocock

Teresa Pocock is an artist, poet and self-advocate with Down syndrome.

Teresa loves taking photos, walking, cooking, dancing, learning new money-management skills, and going on trips… She has gone on trips with her sister Franke James to Mexico, New York City, Washington DC, Guelph, Collingwood, Vancouver, and Victoria BC.

Teresa with Franke and Joel in Victoria
Franke Teresa in Vancouver
Teresa and Franke Dance in front of the White House in Washington DC
Teresa Plays Scrabble
Teresa Drinks Coffee
Teresa Cooks
Teresa Practices Managing her Money
Teresa Happy Dance

5 Comments on “About Teresa Pocock

  1. Hi Teresa! You might not remember me, but we went to school together at Ursuline. I’ve thought about you a lot over the years, because you were always such a nice person, and a good friend to have. I love your pictures! Isn’t travelling fun? I’ve done a lot of travelling too. It’s always interesting to see new places. I just wanted to drop in and say hi to you. Love, Leslie

  2. Hi teresa

    I would like to say that as a nurse I have learned a lot and I have seen so many people have there rights taken from them and I think it is very unfair what they did to u and I’m so so happy to see someone as brave as yourself to stand up and say NO I’m not going to be put somewhere where u would become just a number. I think everyone should be treated with respect and the CCAC did not do that for you so please keep up all your hard work and you look great in all your pics and I love your dances keep smiling and I will keep watching for updates

  3. Hi Teresa,
    Members of the Disability Action Hall really like your pictures, story and we hope you are getting an apology soon.

    We would like your permission to share your story as we are finding the Alberta Government is also trying to do this in Alberta for people who rent to private landlords.
    We don’t think our human rights are being respected nor is it our choice on where we would like to live.

    We are told if we don’t let inspectors in, our services will be taken away.
    We think many people may end up going to nursing homes as these are the only places the new building code is ‘safe’ enough.
    Here is a link to our petition on http://www.change.org

    Please let us know if it is ok.
    We are very sorry what happened to you and thankful you have an awesome family to stand beside you and fight.

    In solidarity,


  4. Teresa, so amazing to read about your triumphant life’s turn around. You, your photos above, your advocacy supporters, touch me deeply. It is a privilege to be asked to sign this 2nd stage petition for the Ontario Gov’t written apology to you & your family. GOD will keep you strong & your story a legacy for many others. Thank you!

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