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Human Rights Should Never Be Disabled – Video

Teresa asks, Please Say Sorry

Teresa Pocock is 49 years old and has Down Syndrome. She is asking the CCAC to apologize for improperly taking away her human right to decide where she lives. She is asking the Rekai Centre to apologize for calling the

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Human Rights Should Never Be Disabled. Forced into LongTerm Care at 49, Teresa wants apology.

Teresa Pocock Petition

By Franke James on Change.org. Please sign: Teresa’s Petition at Change.org With the stroke of a pen, my disabled sister’s human right to decide where she lives was wrongly taken away. In a heart-breaking move, Teresa who has Down syndrome,

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Teresa Pocock’s Story: Crisis, Capacity and Courage

Teresa has launched a petition asking for a full public apology from the Rekai Center and the CCAC. Please sign her Petition at Change.org.

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