“I Am Alive” by Teresa Pocock

“I Am Alive” is the opening poem from Teresa’s new book, Pretty Amazing. It packs added punch when you know, that just a few years ago, her future was written off. But now Teresa has been “reborn” in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. And the unexpected story of how she found her voice — and found herself as an artist and poet — is at the heart Pretty Amazing.


Be nice to everyone.
Look, I am alive.
You have to be nice.
I am doing fine.
Thank goodness.
I have to be nice to them.
And to the others.
That’s a brilliant idea!
You’re thinking.
And I’m thinking too.
I think we need to make a list of the things we need.
Right. I’m alive. Nesters. Flying Pig. Prado.
We love it here.
Everybody loves me.
You guys are alright, I know.
You guys, I am born. I am alive.
Okay, I am reborn.
In Gastown

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