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Book Launch: Pretty Amazing: How I Found Myself in the Downtown Eastside

“I am alive! I am reborn in Gastown!” says author and artist Teresa Pocock. Teresa is defying the “health care system” that wrongly labelled her “incapable” two years ago when she lived in Ontario. In 2016, Teresa Pocock won a

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Teresa’s Happy Dance at Change.org

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Teresa dances and celebrates as she follows and counts every supporter at Change.org. Please sign Teresa’s petition at Change.org

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Teresa is power-walking to protect Human Rights for all people with disabilities!

Please sign Teresa’s petition at Change.org Teresa Power Walks: Forced into a Nursing Home at 49. Now She’s Free! Watch Teresa Pocock ‘power walk’ — and ask yourself how anyone could think she belongs in a nursing home! It is

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